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Our customers truly appreciate the high frequency of departures and our constantly adaptable high-performance equipment: and Douglas Borer Air Cargo truly appreciates satisfied customers! Most of our customers have been relying on our forwarding services for more than twenty years.

In addition to perishables and industrial goods, Douglas Borer Air Cargo also transports livestock for breeding, ornamental fish destined for zoos or as pets, as well as reptiles, ferrets, cats, dogs, and many other animals. Our list of references is long, but here is a small selection.

Wheter you have animals for breeding, zoo or your own pet, we organize your transport from A to Z.

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August 2014 - Alpakatransport nach EUROPA





Thursday evening we got the order to clear six alpacas from Chile to Norway via Frankfurt.

A few hours after landing all formalities with vet and customs have been done and the animals where loaded for further journey.

Tiger on board
We also take care of film stars: the Bengal Tiger Jonas flew with Douglas Borer Air Cargo from Toronto to Taipei via Frankfurt and back. Jonas is one of the stars in the film "Life of Pi".

Kiangs and wild horses transported safe and sound
The transport of Kiangs and Przewalski horses was a particular challenge for Douglas Borer Air Cargo. Entrusted to us by a zoo, the Tibetan wild asses and wild horses all ultimately arrived safely at their destination.

Sharks and Napoleon fish on the move
Change of scene for some big fish: Douglas Borer Air Cargo dutifully and speedily transferred a number of sharks and Napoleon fish to a spacious aquarium.

Flying jumbo lands in the USA
An elephant flies to America. Douglas Borer Air Cargo ensured the appropriate conditions and supervised the transport of the highly-sensitive jumbo. Although it was hard to say goodbye, it was nonetheless a highly successful project. 

Impressive transportation of reptiles
Alligators are pretty impressive creatures in every respect. Douglas Borer Air Cargo’s task was to transport some rare albino American alligators for a French park. The operation went very smoothly for all the parties involved.